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Purchasing Committee Overview


It shall be the duty of the purchasing committee to oversee all purchases of supplies, materials, and services for the City of Beardstown. The purchasing committee, upon request of the mayor of said city, shall assist and advise the mayor (as purchasing agent) in all matters of controversy concerning specific purchases.


The mayor shall act as purchasing agent for the City of Beardstown, except where specific provisions to the contrary are made by state law or by ordinances of the city and city council. He may issue rules and regulations governing requisitions and transactions of the business of purchasing between himself as purchasing agent and the heads of departments, officers and employees of said city. He shall have the authority and it shall be his duty to purchase all supplies, materials, equipment, and insurance needed by the city and any department, board, or office for which funds are provided in the budget, but he may not purchase any item which exceeds any budget appropriation until the city council has increased the appropriation; provided, however, that when any purchase which amounts to more than five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), the mayor shall be required to advertise for and receive bids and said bids shall be presented to the city council for approval, provided, further, that all contractual services and major repairs which are not done by city employees that will amount to fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00) or more per project, the mayor shall be required to advertise for bids and said bids shall be presented to the city council for approval. The city council shall reserve the right to reject all bids or by two thirds of the city council may bypass the bid process. In all cases they shall investigate and purchase supplies and articles as cheaply as possible, quality and responsibility of the parties supplying such articles to be considered.